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We founded Southeast Primary Care Partners on the belief that independent practices should be able to focus on delivering high-value comprehensive care while enjoying the benefits of professional collaboration and clinical autonomy.

Thomas Bat, MD

Chairman of the Board, Co-Founder

Eric Lisle

Chief Executive Officer, President, Co-Founder

Rene Sauerteig

Chief Operating Officer

Josh Dahl

Chief Financial Officer

Craig Worland

Chief Development Officer

Conley Perry

Chief Physician Experience Officer

Paul Graves, FACHE

Senior Vice President, Clinic Operations

Virgil Scott

Senior Vice President, New Business Operations

Shivam Pandya, MD

Vice President, Medical Operations

Samuel Park, MBA-HCM

Vice President, Integrations

David Carney

Director, Data Science & Analytics

Christopher Martin

Director, Human Capital

Haylee Leiner, MHA

Director, Business Development

Morgan Kirkland

Director, Marketing

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We empower practices to focus on providing high-quality care and growing while alleviating unnecessary administrative burdens.

Together, we can build a partnership that benefits you — and your patients.

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